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Xi'an Medical University "Targeted Summer Home Visits" to Xinjiang, Qinghai and Ningxia
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   Upon the second year of "Targeted Home Visits" Project, Fan Bing, CPC Secretary of Xi'an Medical University led a work group of administrators and visited 12 homes of students in Xinjiang.The work group members includeDirector Li Qingmin of Party and Administration Affairs Office, Director Jin Hongying of Students Affairs Department, Party Secretary Meng Shuyong of Clinical Medicine College, Party Secretary Jing Hongjun of Nursing School, staff An Shunfeng ,Liu Ning and Abulimit Tuerxun.

    Secretary Fan Bing led the work group and visited homes of 4 students at the 13th village and suburban areas of Duo laite Gagh Town of Kashi City. At the home of Zureguli Moussa who studies at Medical Technology Department, Fanasked about her family and her studies during the summer vacation in detail. He went on introducing her academic performance at the university and the granting of aids and scholarships to her parents. Right after, the working group traveled through the Taklimakan Desert, arrived at Mengaiti County, Hotan County and visited homes of 7 students from the Nursing School, Medical Technology and Public Health Department.

                            Secretary Fan Bing led the work group and visited a student's home                            

    Apart from this, Secretary Fan also introduced to the parents about therelevant policies on ideological and political education, student management, scholarship granting and student loans. He hoped that parents would keep watching thepossible thought changes of their students, actively cooperate with the university on the ideological and political education. And he asked the studentstoparticipate in social practice, apply their professional knowledge, assist the work group stationed in the village, and help parents with work. At the same time, they should seize the time to learn and read more books, to spend a rich and meaningful summer vacation. The parents and students expressed their gratitude to the work group. They said, "with the care ofthe leaders and teacherswe feel relieved for their studying and living at Xi’an Medical University."

    From August 6th to the 11th, CPC Vice Secretary of Xi’an Medical University Xiong Dongmei, Deputy Director Wang Yan of Student Affairs Department, Vice Party Secretary Zhang Shiqi of Health Administration Department and Student Affairs staff Xu Jingcai, Wang Nan, Bai Xiaoyu visited 10 Hui students in Qinghai Province and Ningxia Autonomous Region during the 6 days.

    Vice Secretary Xiong Dongmei led the group and visited homes of 5 students. They are Ma Xudong from Medical Technology Department, Ma Fulan and Ma Delong from Clinical Medicine College, Chen Xiaoxuan and Ma Tao from Public Health Department. At every household, Vice Secretary Xiong patiently introduced the performance of students at university and relevant policies ofethnical minority student education and management, financial aid policies,education and employmentstatus. She listened to the opinions and suggestions of parents and students to XMU and hoped the students’ families would partner with teachers totogether help the students' growth,strengthen students' ideals and beliefs, help them distinguish between right and wrong, unite students of all ethnical groups. Students should also make full use of university resources, do well instudies and life planning, develop in an all-round way and live up to the expectations of schools and families.                                                            

  Vice Secretary Xiong Dongmei led the group and visited the home of  a student

     The parents of these students expressed their appreciation to the leaders of XMU. They said, "Hope the administrators to take strict management, and let the children become useful persons";"Thanks to the university for cultivating my child, she is the hope of the family". Ma Xudong’s parents said excitedly, "Home visiting is usually regarded as a matter of primary school or the secondary school teachers. The leaders of Xi’an Medical University actually come to our home, tell us about XMU and my child. Thanks for your concern! As parents, we must cooperate with the university to educate and manage my child, let him become talented and winglory for the university and for us".  Students said they are proud of Xi’an Medical University, parents said they are proud of the children and we believe XMU is proud of all of you!

   Wherever the leaders and groups went, they are welcomed by parents and students. Through "Targeted Home Visit Project", not only are the relationships strengthened between university and students, tightened between families and society; but also the hearts of students and parents are warmed. It enhanced students’ sense of pride, inspired them to study hard and become an excellent person in the career of public health.


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